Sadhu feeding

Athithi Ashram was the first Ashram in Tiruvannamalai to initiate feeding Sadhus in the evening. This was necessitated as many Sadhus were going to sleep without dinner.


This service has been going on for the past 15 years.

Sage Narada once met the ruler of Dravidian country, Chitrakethu on earth. Chitrakethu welcomed him.

Narada observed that although Chitrakethu’s father Singadvajan had gifted away all riches of the world he did not receive the Divine Ambrosia, because he had not performed Annadanam, Chitrakethu then decided to perform Annadanam.

Narada informed him that the merit one obtained by feeding a million people elsewhere on earth could never equal that of feeding a single human in Kashi.The merit gained by feeding just one sadhu at Arunachala, will outweigh that of feeding a million, at Kashi!Chitrakethu then performed Annadanam everyday at Arunachala.

By this act of the son, the father in the celestial region received nectar and in due course passed on to the various upper regions and finally merged in Shiva.

One should endeavor to perform annadanam, particularly at Arunachala, for it benefits not only the person who does it, but also bestows great spiritual merit upon his kith and kin.

Sri Warkhede, a sculptor from Mumbai came to Bangalore on an assignment and saw a picture of Bhagavan. On enquiry, he came to know that it was Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s picture and that he was in Tiruvannamalai. He came for Bhagavan’s darshan and sat in his presence. He felt an urge to take a sketch of Bhagavan to make a statue. (Due to language problem), he was struggling to communicate his wish to the attendant. Seeing this, Bhagavan graciously asked the sculptor to come between 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm. Devotees were restricted from entering the Hall during this period to facilitate Bhagavan to take rest. Sri Warkhede entered the hall at noon and Bhagavan, with great solicitude, asked him how he wanted him to sit (pose), to take the sketch. Sri Warkhede was touched by the grace, and during the two hours, he was alone with Bhagavan, he made a sketch and later, made a statue of Bhagavan. Sri Warkhede later, in an interview, told that, of all the statues that he had made in his lifetime, this alone gave him satisfaction.

This statue, which was made by Bhagavan’s Grace in the late 1940’s remained unknown to Sri Warkhede’s family. Swami Hamsananda, during a visit, came to know about this by Divine Grace and requested Sri Warkhede’s son to cast the statue in bronze. This statue then came to Athithi Ashram and was installed in the Meditation Hall by priests from Sri Ramanasramam.

Thus, Bhagavan came to Athithi Ashram and he bestows his abundant Grace on all those who seek him. Daily Poojas are performed to this statue.

Athithi Sadhu Feeding participation

If you are interested to participate in this noble venture , please see the following categories of sponsorship in which you can participate. 

CategoriesContribution Amount
Patron for 1 year for Sadhu feedingRs 6,30,000
Sponsor for 1 month for Sadhu FeedingRs 60,000
Sponsor for One Maheshwara Pooja (occurs every Punarvasu day)Rs 12,000
Sponsor for 1 day Sadhu feedingRs 2,400

You may donate by mail by sending a cheque or bank draft made payable to ‘Athithi Care Trust’ at Tiruvannamalai. Alternatively you can also send it online to the below account directly.If you are sending it online please send us a email with the your details to [email protected] for us to send back the receipt.

All contributions are tax-exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Account NameAthithi Care Trust
BankTamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd, Tiruvannamalai
Account Number134100050301054
IFSC/Swift CodeTMBL0000134


Account NameAthithi Care Trust
BankCity Union Bank Ltd., Tiruvannamalai
Account Number172001001949626
IFSC/Swift CodeCIUB0000172


Account NameAthithi Care Trust
BankKotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, Tiruvannamalai
Account Number427010050607
IFSC/Swift CodeKKBK0008786

For Foreign Contributions please contact Ashram for Account Number and Swift code. (Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, Tiruvannamalai)