Veda Samrakshana

Vedas are ancient Hindu texts considered the foundation of Hindu Dharma or Sanathana Dharma. Composed in Sanskrit and passed down from generation to generation orally through Gurukul tradition, they contain number of Mantras or Hyms. Vedic chanting harmonises the energy of the five elements and brings peace and prosperity to the entire universe.

The Ashram runs a Yajur Veda Patashala, which is a residential school of eight years’ duration. The teacher and students live together and Vedic lessons are imparted in the Gurukula tradition. The students are provided with food and accommodation.

Sri M. R. Rajkumar Reddy, on behalf of Dasaratharama Trust is responsible for constructing and donating the Veda Patashala building. He is also financially supporting in running the Veda Patashala.